Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

MISC: iPod Touch Software Round-up

I just got an iPod Touch and have spent the ast few days playing around with the app store options. Some good freebies:

Zenbe: Keep lists of various types, and sync them with the free website. Very handy! I have put in some lists of my favourite meals so that I can plan my grocery shopping on the go.

Stanza and eReader: Good for reading on the go. Stanza is like a library-n-your-hands of free books: just browse the catalogue, pick the ones you want, and download for free. eReader syncs up with or if you have accounts there---just sign in and download books you may have purchased. You can also read freebies from sites like

Facebook and Wikipanion: Some good web apps on the go, if you are into those sorts of things :)

Sol Free and Moonlight Lite: Solitaire and Mahjong games, respectively. Sol Free has five games and Moonligt is the best of the freebie versions I've tried, with the most configurable options.

So, what did I pay for? There were a few apps I wanted. I think I am done with the buying for now though :) I got an Interval Timer program for the gym (it beeps over your music!), a budget program called Spend (there is a light version available if you want to try it out. I sprung the low price for the full version because I wanted to track by month instead of by week) and a handful of games (Scrabble, which I buy for every platform I use, and two inexpensive clones of Text Twist and Bookworm).

I feel like I am set for now :) Leave me a comment if you feel there is a super iPhone/Touch app I've missed...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

MUSIC: Instrumentals for Slide Shows

I am doing a movie slide show project with some kids at summer camp this year, and they needed some background music to use for their movies. CC-Mixter to the rescue! Found some great instrumental music for the kids to play around with...

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

MOVIE: Big Buck Bunny

From Boing Boing:

"Mike sez, "To show off the open-source animation program Blender, a small team just finished a great ten-minute cartoon, 'Big Buck Bunny.' They were funded by foundation support and pre-orders of the DVD by the Blender community. What's more, the whole thing is Creative Commons-licensed, and all the files for the animation are available."

I watched it just now and it's a very nicely done little production. Now that summer is upon us and I'll have some holiday time, expect to see more regular blog posts from me about this sort of thing. There are a ton of pub domain movies in that I haven't touched yet.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

E-BOOK: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow has a new young adult novel out, and it's pretty good. As usual, he's got a Commons-licensed e-version available.

As to the story...I don't want to give it away. I enjoyed it. I thought it was quite creative, and the hacker stuff was fun. But at times, it was a little too exposition-y for my tastes---the story would pause while the character would educate us on wi-fi, or Linux, or rfids or whatever it was. I know that his goal of educating his target audience on tech empowerment is a noble one, but it's so obvious that it takes away from the story a little. It reminded me of this episode I once saw of tween drama 'Degrassi' where the character goes to a party, experiments with a tiny bit of drugs, and disaster ensues. There is this moment at the end where she is confronted by her friends, looks directly into the camera and says something like 'I realize now that drugs are bad and it was wrong of me to try them.' Noble message, okay. But it smacked a little too much of 'now, the grown-ups will tell you what to do.' That may be educational, but it isn't 'literature.' It's a good story, and for the most part I think it succeeds as what it is. But it as not eclipsed Douglas Coupland's 'Microserfs' as my favourite 'coming of age, techie style' story.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

MUSIC: New albums by Josh Woodward

The ever-reliable Josh Woodward has two new albums available for free download. Rock on.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MUSIC: Songs by Allison Crowe

I am back on Jamendo trolling for some new tunes for my swanky new video ipod, so expect to see some more music posts from me in the coming weeks. My first find was this wonderful album from Allison Crowe---kind of twangy folk-pop stuff (you know I like the pop!) and quite a decent find. If you liked my previous posts on Deborah Dalton and Jenny Gillespie, you'll like this girl.

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