Sunday, September 21, 2008

MISC: iPod Touch Software Round-up

I just got an iPod Touch and have spent the ast few days playing around with the app store options. Some good freebies:

Zenbe: Keep lists of various types, and sync them with the free website. Very handy! I have put in some lists of my favourite meals so that I can plan my grocery shopping on the go.

Stanza and eReader: Good for reading on the go. Stanza is like a library-n-your-hands of free books: just browse the catalogue, pick the ones you want, and download for free. eReader syncs up with or if you have accounts there---just sign in and download books you may have purchased. You can also read freebies from sites like

Facebook and Wikipanion: Some good web apps on the go, if you are into those sorts of things :)

Sol Free and Moonlight Lite: Solitaire and Mahjong games, respectively. Sol Free has five games and Moonligt is the best of the freebie versions I've tried, with the most configurable options.

So, what did I pay for? There were a few apps I wanted. I think I am done with the buying for now though :) I got an Interval Timer program for the gym (it beeps over your music!), a budget program called Spend (there is a light version available if you want to try it out. I sprung the low price for the full version because I wanted to track by month instead of by week) and a handful of games (Scrabble, which I buy for every platform I use, and two inexpensive clones of Text Twist and Bookworm).

I feel like I am set for now :) Leave me a comment if you feel there is a super iPhone/Touch app I've missed...


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Anonymous said...

Stanza would be my favourite free ipod touch app, it's made by LexCycle, though I think they just sold out to amazon, guessing they didn't want to take on the Kindle app.


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