Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ADMIN: Bookmarks Update

I'm phasing out the webpage with the blog post index and music index and all of that. Too cumbersome to maintain, and I have been feeling guilty for falling behind. The new thing, simpler, better, is I have set up a thing there for all my fun free media stuff. Just use E-BOOKS or MUSIC as your starting point and clock away to browse by all music, all books, or any of the sub-categories which come up: tagging makes it easy. Books which are also mysteries? Songs which are also instrumental and come from Magnatune? Click away.

No more 'jot on paper, add to webpage, upload webpage' and all that nonsense. No more keeping straight the music page and the book page and the whatever page. Now, I can just click right from my browser, add it to the collection, and away we go. And all you tag fans will find it very easy to filter the content which most interests you. See? Everyone wins.

Friday, December 14, 2007

MUSIC: Songs by Richard Savino

Found a great instrumental cd on Magnatune while doing some research on holiday songs for my French classes. I am normally not an 'ambient' type of music fan. When I do go for this sort of thing, it's usually fast-paced stuff like fiddle tunes. This is multi-instrument, but very much in that style. If you enjoyed my earlier post on the Dongas Tribe, you'll like this one!
Check out the first track. It's rockin'