Monday, October 08, 2007

MISC: My Open-Source Mac, Part 2

To finish up my mac posts, the non-necessary but still fun stuff :) All of these are available for Unix and PC platforms too...
  • Tux Paint: Similar to Kid Pix. A fun little art program with sound effects, colouring pages, stamping tools etc. Extensible via add-ons---drop in your own stamp sets and starter pages, or download off the net from a growing user community.
  • Tux Racer: The most fun, bizarre little game ever. It's a racing game where Tux the Penguin basically slides down giant ice mountains on his tummy trying to collect little fish. Great graphics, fun and simple gameplay.
  • Enigma: A puzzle game. You roll this marble around trying to hit pairs of coloured bricks. Many, many levels are included, and more can be easily added. Beautiful graphics and some interesting game options.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

MISC: My Open-Source Mac

My last computer post for awhile, I promise :) Anyway, a quick round-up of the freeware/open source stuff I have installed on my shiny new Macbook :)
  • NeoOffice: An essential, imho. Runs pretty speedily for me, but my machine is brand-new, so perhaps that's a factor. Works well with my Word docs, and is handling basic page layout stuff without a problem. I wish you could directly launch a new spreadsheet from an icon though---the different modules do not have separate icons, and if you want to do anything but word process, you have to either open an existing file, or open a new document once the program (i.e. the Writer module) starts up.
  • Kompozer: A webpage editor similar to Dreamweaver or Front Page. I have not figured out how to use the site manager yet---I edit my few websites off-line and then transfer them manually, and I think the site manager is designed to let you edit pages directly on the web. Still, this is a very fully-featured and easy to use program. Open source really is a miracle of the modern age, that you can equip an entire computer for free like this :)
  • Page Packer: Make pocket-sized mini folded booklets using this really neat little app. You select from over 50 templates (calendar, address book, notepaper etc) and drag them onto a grid. It prints out your page, and you follow their guide to get it folded. You can also put your own documents (in PDF form) or images onto one of your mini-pages. I can see so many uses for this thing! Great little program.