Saturday, July 21, 2007

EBOOK: Project Gutenberg Canada

First, there was Project Gutenberg. Then, there was Project Gutenberg Australia. And now: Project Gutenberg Canada. How exciting! In addition to showcasing Canadian content already available via the other Gutenberg projects, Gutenberg Canada will offer a safehaven for works which may not yet be public domain in the US and Australia. America has quite restrictive public domain laws, and Australia recently extended their "life plus 50 years" standard to "life plus 75." So, three cheers for Canada, the sole remaining on-line bastion of Life Plus 50 :)

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Friday, July 20, 2007

EBOOK: My Project Gutenberg Reading List

I've begun compiling a list of essential reads from Project Gutenberg. I know that the huge size of their catalogue can be a little daunting. Lately, they have added some browsing features such as the Bookshelf, but it's still a lot to wade through.

My list details the books I want to read in each category. I'm sure there are omissions---I am not an expert on every genre of fiction. But at almost 500 titles, sorted into handy categories such as mystery, short story and children's literature, I suppose it is as good a starting point as any.

I have highlighted in red the titles I have read so far. If you download the list for your own use, you may feel free to remove that formatting and do your own thing with it. I put the list together mostly to aid my own future reading, but it is a fairly good list, I think, so I am putting it out there. If you want a starting point with Gutenberg, feel free to share, borrow, copy, use or modify my list to your liking.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

SOFTWARE: Tiddly Wiki

I have not been able to get on-line all week! Stupid computer. Anyway, all fixed now, I think, and I wanted to share with you my new favourite thing: Tiddly Wiki. I have been looking for a good recipe management solution, and think this may be the answer. It saves all your work in a single web file, so it's cross-platform and portable. It's basically a free-form wiki-based cardfile. Each 'tiddler' has a title, text box and tag field. You can use it to sort any sort of information you want, search or browse your entriees by tag, easily print by pasting your text into your favourite editor and customize the whole shebang to your specifications. Best of all, each of your wiki files can be edited and viewed off-line, using any computer with a capable web browser.

I am loving this idea. The main drawback to conventional recipe software for me was the time involved in putting each recipe element into its own little special field. I wanted to be able to just find a recipe on-line, copy it, paste it in and go. I wanted something cross-platform too: my next computer may be mac or linux. I was having some success storing things in (I have just discovered tags, and I love them!) but saw the limitations in that when my net access was down these last few days and I couldn't get into anything. Tiddly Wiki seems to provide the best of all worlds. And you can download as many blank ones as you want, for storing and/or sharing any sort of information you want!

I plan to set up my recipe file over the next few days. I'll let you know how it goes.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

ADMIN: Website Update

I have updated the website index with the posts from June.
There are some other goodies on the webpage too if you go exploring :) For example, almost two dozen free audio workouts are listed here, and over one hundred lunchbox recipes can be found here. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding my ebook index too!