Sunday, November 18, 2007

RECIPE: Five Great Lunchbox Favs

I ave begun posting some of my favourite recipes to Recipe Zaar, a popular recipe sharing website. You can add your own recipes, browse and save other people's recipes, search and filter the large database to your criteria and in general just pick up new cooking ideas. It's my favourite of the recipe sharing websites, and I have found many neat recipes in its depths.

It does have its limitations. Advanced features such as multiple cookbooks come with a fee, the forum is not as active as I would like in the areas which interest me, and it takes only very specific recipe formats (so, many of my mix-and-match recipes would not be shareable). But it is overall a great cooking resource. I have shared about a dozen of my own most-used recipes, most of them lunch ones: I have food allergies, so packing my own lunch is necessary, and I like to take good food and make it feel special.

Here are my top five so far:
  • Red Lentil Thermos Soup: Grated vegetables add bulk, but minimal calories. Pre-grate the night before, and this soup can be ready to pack in your thermos within five minutes.
  • Couscous Onigiri: Do you like those fun shaped sushi balls, but lack the patience to make real sticky rice? Use couscous, and some cookie cutters, for the same effect.
  • Choco-Nut Banana Spread: A cookbook find, suitable as a dip for fruit or crackers, or as a filling for a wrap or tortilla.
  • Single-Serve Cookies: Adapted from a cookbook called "Small-Batch Baking." Mine makes only two cookies (no tempting leftovers!) and uses only one bowl and 2 spoons.



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