Wednesday, November 28, 2007

MISC: My Freeware Palm Device

I recently bought a used Alphasmart Dana on ebay, and have started playing around with freeware Palm applications. The main mecca on-line seems to be Freeware Palm, and most of the goodies I found were from that site. So, what have I been using? Program-wise, these are my pics:

  • dsScribbler (for freehand sketches/notes when needed)
  • Exercise (a rep timer/counter for the gym)
  • Metro (a subway map, info available for many cities)

And for games:

  • Blackjack (very basic version)
  • Checkers (still looking for a good version, the on I found is a little slow)
  • Gin Rummy (a wonderful implementation of te card game classic)
  • Grouper (quick-playing puzzle game)
  • Hearts (a very basic but serviceable implementation of another classic)
  • Marbles2 (like SameGame, this was the best version I found for BW screens)
  • Patience (many solitaire games in a collection)
  • Rally100 (Fun card game)
  • Star Mahjong (Rules not explained well on site, but a fun game once I figured it out)
  • Vexed (puzzle game, a bit frustrating sometimes!)
  • Word Wiggle (Boggle clone)
If you are interested in reading my review of the Dana, check out the Teleread Blog, where I have just started contributing. And leave me a comment if you think of any can't-miss Palm freeware I haven't mentioned!



At 5:32 PM, Blogger Lynx217 said...

I just stumbled upon your post, and followed your link, but cannot find the link to the Rummy game you mentioned. Was it free or was it commercial?


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