Thursday, November 15, 2007

ADMIN: Exciting announcement!

Hi everyone! Sorry again for the long hiatus. I had to move very suddenly, and between that asnd the start of Nanowrimo, it threw me a little. Anyway, I have some exciting news for you. This blog will be expanding its scope a little in the coming weeks. I continue to find great Creative Commons and public domain materials on the net, and will post those as I find them. But there is a ton of other great, and free, information available out there on social sharing sites and other public platforms. A number of you also said you wanted more editorial-type content from me. So, the blog will be expanding it's coverage to include not just the CC-and-free, but the cool-and-free as well: podcasts, cool websites, interesting blogs and items from social sharing sites on a variety of topics, such as youtube (video), recipezaar (recipes) and scribd (documents).

All psts will be tagged, as they are now, so you can quickly and easily filter the posts and find the material you are looking for. As always, I take suggestions for links and items worth posting, or blog carnivals and/or commuties I should get involved with. Ready for some great freebies? Stay tuned for my first podcast post...


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