Saturday, October 06, 2007

MISC: My Open-Source Mac

My last computer post for awhile, I promise :) Anyway, a quick round-up of the freeware/open source stuff I have installed on my shiny new Macbook :)
  • NeoOffice: An essential, imho. Runs pretty speedily for me, but my machine is brand-new, so perhaps that's a factor. Works well with my Word docs, and is handling basic page layout stuff without a problem. I wish you could directly launch a new spreadsheet from an icon though---the different modules do not have separate icons, and if you want to do anything but word process, you have to either open an existing file, or open a new document once the program (i.e. the Writer module) starts up.
  • Kompozer: A webpage editor similar to Dreamweaver or Front Page. I have not figured out how to use the site manager yet---I edit my few websites off-line and then transfer them manually, and I think the site manager is designed to let you edit pages directly on the web. Still, this is a very fully-featured and easy to use program. Open source really is a miracle of the modern age, that you can equip an entire computer for free like this :)
  • Page Packer: Make pocket-sized mini folded booklets using this really neat little app. You select from over 50 templates (calendar, address book, notepaper etc) and drag them onto a grid. It prints out your page, and you follow their guide to get it folded. You can also put your own documents (in PDF form) or images onto one of your mini-pages. I can see so many uses for this thing! Great little program.



At 2:30 PM, Blogger Baryon said...

I think you can right-click (or control click) on the NeoOffice icon in the Dock, and then select a document type from there. But maybe you still need to have launched the application first; I can't remember.

Thanks for pointing out Page Packer - it looks useful.


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