Sunday, September 09, 2007

MUSIC: More from Josh Woodward

As a follow-up to my previous Josh Woodward post, I will be blogging the best of his two new albums. First up is 'Not Quite Connected.' My top picks:
Josh has both cd's available for free download by track or as a whole album zip file, and if you like the music, you can buy the album for the price of your choosing.

Each song has a helpful descriptive tag giving a suggested genre. I found these helpful. If you find a song you like, you can look for similar styles of song by matching the genre tag.

One tip for navigating his site, if you click on a song title, it will take you to a lyrics page where you can preview the song without leaving the page and then choose to download it.

Enjoy! And if you do like the album, support Woodward's alternative distribution methods by buying the CD. I bought his last one and really enjoy it. This is fun rock-acoustic stuff that's very radio-friendly.


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