Friday, July 20, 2007

EBOOK: My Project Gutenberg Reading List

I've begun compiling a list of essential reads from Project Gutenberg. I know that the huge size of their catalogue can be a little daunting. Lately, they have added some browsing features such as the Bookshelf, but it's still a lot to wade through.

My list details the books I want to read in each category. I'm sure there are omissions---I am not an expert on every genre of fiction. But at almost 500 titles, sorted into handy categories such as mystery, short story and children's literature, I suppose it is as good a starting point as any.

I have highlighted in red the titles I have read so far. If you download the list for your own use, you may feel free to remove that formatting and do your own thing with it. I put the list together mostly to aid my own future reading, but it is a fairly good list, I think, so I am putting it out there. If you want a starting point with Gutenberg, feel free to share, borrow, copy, use or modify my list to your liking.

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