Saturday, June 16, 2007

REVIEW: One Last Open Office Round-Up

Firstly, my previous comments on Open Office:
Now, onto some final comments on my Great Open Office Experiment of 2007 :)

I made the decision last night to un-install Open Office. What happened? Well, to put it bluntly, I made the mistake of venturing outof the safety of Writer :) And? Both Calc and Impress crahsed my machine so many times that I could not imagine ever working with them in their current incarnations. And I found one more glitch in Writer that I couldn't live with. Some observations:
  • Calc was fine as long as I stayed away from the charts. Firstly, they did not import correctly when present on existing Excel spreadsheets. Secondly, they crashed the program when I tried to create them in Calc directly. I was not able to save any to see how Excel would read them. I do not use charts often. I have maybe one existing spreadsheet which has them. I really only use basic spreadsheet functions like sums and averages. But the crashing? Unacceptable. Even a basic user like me needs a little stability.
  • I have no major complaints with Impress as a 'user experience' type of thing, except that it crashed several times. The biggie for me was that after using it, I was not able to open or start any other Open Office application for some reason and had to restart my machine.
  • I discovered that Writer does not play nice with MS Word in regards to files containing graphics or layouts. Plain text shared back and forth just fine, but anything with graphics for mangled to bits when imported into Word, and remained that way when opened back up in Writer, even if I didn't save anything when in Word. Unacceptable!
Bottom line for me is, I am for the moment still on a Windows system, and Microsoft Office seems to be working for me there. Am I discounting Open Office completely? No. And honestly, I did like user experience in Writer quite a bit, and would be happy with Calc were it not for the above-mentioned issue. I just suspect that Open Office might be a little less glitchy in its native environment, on Linux. So I'll save my upgrade to it until I get to that point. And who knows, by then, they might be up to the next release, and some of my other complaints may be addressed by then :)



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