Monday, April 02, 2007

WEBSITE: Jamendo has New Features!

Jamendo is a wondeful netlabel that has several thousand albums available for listenign and dowloading. It allows you to star and rate albums, use the bittorrent client of your choice to download, and get recommendations based on albums you have liked in the past. It has a few quirks, to be sure: the majority of the albums are in French, which may or may not be your thing; many find downloading via bittorrent to be positively glacial (although you can export the streaming playlist to your favoured M3U player and save the tracks manually if you so desire) and it can be a fiddly site to navigate at times. That's why I was so happy to see a new feature ont he Jamendo site the other day: the spiral.

The spiral has a centre spoke with arms shooting out of it saying things like 'latest releases' or 'random' or 'popular this week.' Each arm has a row of album covers on it. Click on any album cover which catches your eye, and it gets moved to the centre spoke, where you can listen to it, download it, star it or banish it (temporarily or forever) from appearing in the spiral again. It's a great way to find new albums if you don't feel like just diving in to a massive pool of two thousand of them :) They plan to add filtering options down the road, which will be even better.

The spiral has revived my interest in Jamendo. I will be playing around with it in the next few days and rooting out some good music to recommend to you guys :)

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