Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WEBSITE: How to Enjoy Wikipedia

Wikipedia is, as most people know, an internet-based community-driven encyclopedia. It has attracted its share of controversy in the past for being editable by anyone, but imho this is a specious argument. At least one study has found it to be at least as accurate as Britannica, for one thing. And any researcher who accepts information from just one source without verifying it elsewhere is not doing a very good job :) Wikipedia can be a wonderful starting point, and give a solid overview on key areas of a topic. It's a good quick read when you just want an overview.

Wikipedia also has some fun browsing features, for those who decide they just want to learn about stuff :) Herewith, the highlights:
The Featured Content page allows you to browse different types of content, and offers a random example every time you visit. So, each refresh will give you one of these:
  • An article
  • A portal
  • A sound
  • A list
  • A topic
The random article feature is cool int heory, except that a few times when I tried it, I got really short or incomplete articles. If you were visiting Wikipedia once a day hoping to read a short article and learn something, the homepage 'article of the day' would be your best bet.



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