Friday, April 13, 2007

WEBSITE: How to Enjoy Many Books

In the spirit of my previous post about Wikipedia browsing, here are some tips for getting the most out of another website I love: Many Books Net. This website features more than 15,000 ebooks, most from the Project Gutenberg catalogue, available in a variety of formats. It is not my only e-book stop: with Project Gutenberg boasting 20,000 plus titles, and Project Gutenberg of Australia bumping the total catalogue up even more, there are times I do go elsewhere. But Many Books has some nice features not found in these other sites, the best of which is a menu for each title which lets you choose your download format (palmdoc, PDF and others) or read directly on-line. The title's page also sometimes (but not always) has a short excerpt and summary.

What really makes Many Books fun are the browse features, though. Here is a rundown of the best of it:
I like Project Gutenberg for its simple, plain-text files readable by any machine. But when I just want to browse, or when I know I will be downlaoding directly to read on my Palm device, I much prefer going to Many Books Net.

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