Saturday, April 07, 2007

E-BOOK: Project Gutenberg Finds for French Students

I am plugging away at my French, trying to attain my goal of complete bilingualism :) I have found the e-text offerings a little bit limited, to my surprise. Most of the French classics are available (Project Gutenberg has over 1000 French titles) but classic literary French and modern conversational French are not the same thing. I suppose I was hoping to find a French equivalent to the 'words of one syllable' series of retold English classics. No dice :)

I scoured the Project Gutenberg French offerings and did find a few readable texts. Most of these I would say would be quite accessible to those at the intermediate level. I am a fairly high intermediate and could work through most of this with no dictionary required :) Many of them are aimed at children. Others have stories or sections in short enough chunks that a non-French reader should be able to set up a fairly painless schedule for daily reading.


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At 8:47 PM, Blogger Gatton said...

Thanks for the tip. I found your site by googling for French books at Project Gutenberg. I'd say it was a good hit :-). Take care.


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