Tuesday, April 03, 2007

ADMIN: Tags!

I am on vacation this week for Passover, and catching up on a whole bunch of chores. I need to start hustling on school jobs for September (sigh) but am taking the first two days just to decompress and attend family functions. So...I went through the blog yesterday and tagged all the posts! Tags should help you search better for posts which may interest you. For example, all music posts have the tag 'music'but they also have other related tags. Netlabel posts all will say 'netlabel' and will also indicate which netlabel. So, you can search for 'all netlabel music' or you can narrow it down to just Magnatune, or Jamendo or whatever. You can search for all audio, or narrow it down to just audiobooks, or just audiobooks from Librivox, or audio which is not audiobooks. All sorts of options! I have also updated the website, adding the March posts to the blog index, and adding the music posted in March to the music index, which is now at 122 songs.


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