Thursday, March 15, 2007

MISC: yBook Ebook Reader

This is my first software post to this blog, but it's such a perfect download for avid e-book readers that I couldn't resist! yBook is a freeware e-reader program from "Spacejock Software" which has a few interesting features, It can display more than one page at a time to better simulate the feel of a paper book, for example. And it has integration with Project Gutenberg: you can download the entire Gutengerg catalogue, browse it, search it and load any title into the program with one click. Handy! View screenshots here or fo straight to the download. Thanks to Lifehacker for clueing me in to this one.



At 5:27 PM, Blogger Glenn said...

We are developing a software suite that helps you publish and read electronic books. The Bytesize reader, the piece currently available, reads Bytesize published documents. We have lots of samples on our web site at You can download the reader and Bytesize published books and documents. You should find that the reader makes the books very easy to read and study. Our main purpose is to provide a reader to 'intensely read' books and documents that lets you browse, highlight, annotate, and search in useful ways. We hope you will find the reading and studying experience superior to other readers.

Down the road, users of the Bytesize suite will be able to import lots of formats into Bytesize format, and publish their own works in Bytesize format. We think it will be very useful to teachers building course materials, ebook authors, and anyone studying lots of documents to create new knowledge.

We'd love to get input from new users of the software on what you like and how you think it can be made more useful. Our early test users are mostly college and high school level instructors and students. We need a broader base of input. Download the software (free), try some of the free Bytesize documents on the web site, and send your thoughts to Thanks,

Glenn at Bytesize Systems

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Glenn said...

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