Wednesday, January 10, 2007

E-BOOK: Short Story Collections,Part 2

Here are some short story collections by individual authors. Many of them have more available (especially Dickens, Doyle and Chekhov). I just picked one as a sampling. Most of them also have novels, tales, sketches or collected works available too, so if you do find an author you like, there is likely more where that came from. One of the great things about the short story as a genre is its ability to introduce one to new writers. You can sample many authors in a short time this way :)

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At 2:05 PM, Blogger Lucian said...

I see the Blackwood and the Wells on your list - fabulous! I was wondering if you've seen a list of science fiction novels/stories that are available - there were quite a few writers working in the late 19th century, expounding on the all the new scientific theories being proposed at the time. Fred T. Jane wrote "The Violet Flame," in 1899 and George Griffith wrote "A Honeymoon In Space," in 1901, for example.


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