Monday, January 08, 2007

E-BOOK: Short Story Collections, Part 1

Many short story collections are available in the public domain for fans of the genre. There anthologies by single authors, and collections by just one author. We'll start with the 'collections by various authors' today :) Here are some collections which are based around a specific theme:
Scribner's also apparently once put out a series of anthologies by authors in different countries. These must have been quite successful, as there were quite a few of them!
Later this week, I'll share some single-author collections which you might enjoy. Remember that the ones listed here are just a sample of what's available. Feel free to go digging in your own! And apologies for the radio silence these past few days. I have been just flattened by a stomach bug that I hope is now on its way out :) I will post more later this week, I promise!

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