Monday, November 06, 2006

MUSIC: My Nanowrimo Music Mix

Nanowrimo is going on right now, and I am having a great time. My city, which has one of the most active local chapters in the world, has a full-tilt schedule of writing and social events, the high point of which has for many been the annual mix cd exchange. I was all set to participate and spread the CC love to my fellow wrimos when my cd burner had issues with the cheapie dollar store disks I bought. I was disappointed that I could not participate in the swap and get some cds tonight, but then I thought there is no reason why I can't still share mine with everyone else---they are the best of my favourite commons-licensed songs and hence are all freely shareable. Most of these songs are ones I have blogged about already, but here they are, collected together in honour of Nanowrimo. Music to enjoy. Music to write by. My top 15 Commons favs, in no particular order:

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