Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ARTIST: Jonathan Coulton (Take Two)

I know I have blogged about this guy before :) Today is an appropriate day to do it again as he has just reached the end of his "Thing a Week" project, where he wrote and released to the internet one song a week for an entire year. There were some misses among such a quantity of music, but some real hits too: Chiron Beta Prime remains the best Christmas song ever, and my little brother really liked The Presidents which features one line about every single one of them. I actually tried to write my own Canadian lyrics for that one, which I planned to email Mr. Coulton, , but I got stuck when Mckenzie King got re-elected yet again and I couldn't think of a way to work in a rhyme about how he used to talk to his dead mother. Our guys can get re-elected as many times as they want to, and twenty years on uninterrupted Trudeau makes for a very dull song :)

Coulton finishes his year-long project with this comment: "And while the standard rich and famous contract continues to elude me, in the ways that really matter I am filthy, stinking rich." I don't know why he doesn't have a contract either. This guy is awesome. You can finish his Thing a Week year with his awesome cover of Queen's We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions. Rock on indeed, my friend. You are one of my Creative Commons favourites, and you prove the system works. I celebrated the end of your Thing a Week with a donation!

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