Monday, October 16, 2006

ADMIN: A Few Remarks

I have had a few comments, both on the blog and privately, regarding the "Books to Read Before You Die" series. So, in no particular order:

1) The source of the list is a critical work by Peter Boxall, in which he sets out 1001 essential books and comments on the reasons behind each choice. If you are curious as to why a particular work did (or did not) make the list, the book goes into further detail about this.

2) I have glanced at the book on occasion, but not read it completely (it is quite lengthy). My source for the list I posted is a Listology post, although I understand the list has been posted elsewhere on the net as well.

3) There are a number of reasons why my list is a lot shorter than the one by Boxall. He goes right up to the present day, so a large chunk of the works are not in the public domain. And some of the works are not available on-line at all: either because they are obscure, fairly minor in the author's oeuvre, or because they are not written in English.

4) The list is not sorted by author. The list I found seems to use Boxall's original order, which is reverse chronologically by publication date.

5) I am, as always, linking to a Project Gutenberg mirror instead of Project Gutenberg directly, because this site allows the user to specify the format for download. And if I may plug for a second, Many Books has some other cool features like thematic reading lists and user reviews.

6) Some of the links, especially for more "recent" works, are for works made available at Project Gutenberg of Australia. Australia and many other Commonwealth countries (including the one in which I live) have slightly different copyright laws than the (imho unduly) more restrictive USA, hence the availability of certain titles at their website rather than at Gutenberg proper.

7) The last part of the list should go up tomorrow, I hope. For sure by Wednesday though :) I had a lot of fun going through it and plan to post some mroe once I've read a few of the titles that piqued my interest :) I also will for sure be posting more Gutenberg texts on this blog, often. I have college reading lists I can post, and I have not even touched the poetry stuff yet...don't worry, there is plenty more e-book love to share!

8) Finally, a quick reminder re. my contest for Creative Commons licensed Hannukah music. Only one entry so far. I hope to get at least five. All you music makers out there, you know what you have to do...:)


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