Saturday, August 12, 2006

E-BOOK: Five of Shakespeare's best

My recent viewing of the fabulous Paul Gross series "Slings and Arrows" has me looking fondly upon my stash of Shakespeare. It's too bad his stuff has kind of nerdy high school connotations. Much of it is quite good. I admit, I am not big on the history plays, but I quite like many of the other ones and I think they are reasonably accessible if one is so inclined. Here are my pics for the best of Shakespeare---not necessarily from a 'most important in the scholarly canon' point of view (or else I suppose I would have to replace Twlefth Night with Julius Ceasar), but from the point of view of a regular reader who just likes to be entertained. As with all e-books I post about here, I am linking to the Many Books page instead of the Project Gutenberg one, so you can download the books in the format of your choosing.

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