Sunday, July 02, 2006

MEDIA: One of Each

To start us off, I am posting one link each for audio book, music, ebook and spoken word. Enjoy!

Audio book: The Magic Shop by H.G. Wells: This title is courtesy Thought Audio, who produces some excellent high-quality audio books which they have made available for free. Support them by buying compilation cd's of their stuff :)

Music: Shannon Campbell, Your Own Dot Org: A cute little pop-ish thing that is one of the few cc-licensed songs I have that has not turned up yet on CC 365 or one of my other regular spots. I found this one all by my own self :)

E-Book: Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow: There are a ton of great classics available, but I figured why not start us off with a modern one :) This book, released commercially in print and on-line under a CC license, is highly original and really neat. I did find the ending a bit unsatisfying, but some of the images here stayed with me for days.

Spoken Word: Dr. Michael Geist: Our Own Creative Land: This is the podcast of a lecture noted lawyer Michael Geist gave at the University of Toronto on the Fair Copyright movement in Canada. He talks about the Sam Bulte affair, Creative Commons, Flickr, podcasts and other neat stuff. A good first link for a blog like this one :)

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